COVID-19 Safety Protocols


Your Safety is our Priority!!

 Here are some examples of the New Safety Systems and Practices now in use to keep you and your family safe during all your dental visits.

Hospital Grade Air Filtration

We’ve added Medical Grade HEPA-13 Air Filtration throughout the office. These multi-filtration units remove up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens. 

Plasma and UV- Sterilization Extraoral Aerosol Evacuation Unit

Our treatment rooms are newly equipped with portable State of the Art Aerosol Evacuation Unit fitted with Plasma and HEPA filters and UV-sterilizing light positioned close to the patient's mouth during drilling procedures which vacuum the generated aerosols from the air. These sanitizing measures go above and beyond any CDC and ADA guidelines or requirements

Central Air Exchanger

In line with our continued safety commitment to you, we’ve installed centralized HEPA and MERV filtration throughout the HVAC ducts in our office.

Special Intraoral HVAC suction that isolates the area we are working on and picks up all the debris and splatter that is generated during drilling procedures.

 Our Dental Care Providers

All our team members providing direct dental care to patients wear fluid-resistant Gowns,  N95 respirators/masks, and face shields at all times. Everyone’s temperature gets recorded before they start their shift. We change into our work clothes and shoes in the office. 

All of Our Valued Patients

Patients wear a mask before entering the building, all patients are greeted at the front door, have their temperatures recorded, and undergo a brief screening for possible Covid-19 exposure. Hand sanitizing station is set up at the entrance, additional sanitizers placed throughout the office for you to use. Plexiguard barriers installed at the front desk for safe check-ins and checkouts.

Implementation of Social Distancing

Patients call and wait in their cars to check in once they arrive. Social distancing measures are implemented throughout the office and waiting area.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.

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